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We only cater. Therefore, we cannot sell you a single slice or even 1/2 a brisket - we have to sell you the whole thing. Our menu is setup with minimal quantities and their average serving sizes - it is up to you if you want to invite others to join in.

Really depends upon the menu you have selected. Sandwiches will be close to the $14/person and a wedding will be $33+ per person.

Probably, yes. Our smoker & Santa Maria grill are on a trailer and very mobile. We do need a large space though and will need to discuss that. Parking on a city street will not work though.

Probably the answer will be yes, but please ask.

There are many dietary restrictions that we can cook for, but you need to give us advanced notice so we can discuss.

We can change anything prior to 2 weeks before your event.


Typically for a wedding the costs are $33+ per person (use $35 when budgeting).

If you want to feed the florist, DJ, photographers, bartender, etc., please do not forget to add them to the headcount. Also, please let us know that we will be feeding them. You'll also need to figure out when they will be eating - before or after your guests.

Remember when we stated that most people put about 1 pound of food on their plate - that is true for everything but a wedding - most of your wedding party & guests have skipped meals all day waiting to eat our food. Need to plan for: guest list + florest, etc. + 25% extra.

We are NOT licensed to buy or serve alcohol.   


We prefer to cook at your venue and to have a buffet line. We can add servers for an additional fee, but if we do that, everyone will have the same portions of the same food, and that doesn't usually work well.

Some venues, have their own catering services, so please make sure that your facility will allow us in. Yes, we have the insurance that they will require.

We will have a minimum of 2 people assisting with your buffet line, making sure the containers are full and answering questions.

We provide our own tables, table cloths (black or white), chafing dishes, etc. IF you want us to match your emerald green table cloths, you'll need to buy for us too.


Unfortunately, with today's inflation, we can only guarantee our quote for a month or two. We can discuss that more when we are bidding your wedding.


In order for us to reserve your date, you will need to give us 50% deposit. IF the date is well into the future, you can make payments to get to that 50% - let's discuss.


There are always more questions than any FAQ could possibly answer - please ask.

We require a 50% deposit to secure the date. Anytime up to 2 weeks prior to the event, your deposit is fully refundable. Seriously, any organization fully interested in customer service will do this.

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